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Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Group Physicians Diagnose and Treat Arthritis Patient

After enduring pain in her right shoulder and right hip for several months, Rachel Cantu decided it was time to seek the help of a medical professional.

Originally thinking she was too young to be experiencing arthritis, Rachel made an appointment with the team of orthopedic specialists at Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Group. She met with Dr. Edward Roberts, from whom she had previously sought treatment for plantar fasciitis, and he confirmed that the pain and stiffness in her shoulder and hip were due to arthritis.

Dr. Roberts worked with Rachel to develop a personalized treatment and therapy plan so she could get back to living her life pain-free. Rachel appreciated the convenience of Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Group compared to scheduling appointments in the Texas Medical Center.

“Being able to park here and walk right in and not have to pay for parking or fight the traffic,” Rachel explained. “It’s an excellent choice.”