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Scott Lapierre: Back on the Move After a Surprising Diagnosis

Baylor St. Luke’s Performs Transplant in 41-Year-Old Congestive Heart Failure Patient

After a sudden decline in his athletic ability, Scott Lapierre was shocked to learn he had congestive heart failure. After all, he was only 41 years old.

In need of a new heart, he was placed on the transplant list at Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center, where he later received his heart transplant. Scott was impressed with the transplant team’s ability to work together and guide him through his entire transplant process.

“The behind-the-scenes of a transplant program like that of Baylor St. Luke’s is a large effort and no one in that effort is mailing it in,” says Scott of his time inside Baylor St. Luke’s. “Everyone is very professional, very experienced.”

Scott has a new outlook on life and views his heart transplant as a reset. Just four months after his transplant, Scott was jogging over three miles and biking 11 miles every other day. He and his wife, Ade, look forward to many more healthy years together.

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