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Making Great Strides: Diana Richardson’s Weight Loss Journey

It wasn’t until later in life that Diana Richardson began to gain weight.

“As work got heavy, I got heavy,” said Diana. “I always had sedentary jobs and my weight started to creep up on me.”

She had lost 50 pounds on her own through exercise and a healthy diet, yet she constantly felt hungry and eventually began to have trouble breathing and walking.

“It came to the point where I couldn’t walk 30 steps without stopping to catch my breath,” explained Diana. “I have a Great Dane, and I was having trouble keeping up with him on walks. Instead of walking him, he would essentially walk me.”

Determined to make a change, Diana who now works at CHI St. Luke’s Health–The Woodlands Hospital, began to do some research. Both of her sisters had undergone weight loss surgery several years prior—one gastric bypass and the other lap band—and lost a significant amount of weight. She found Yong Choi, MD, FACS, at The Woodlands Hospital and was informed about gastric sleeve surgery.

Gastric sleeve surgery is a minimally invasive procedure wherein the surgeon removes a portion of the stomach, resulting in hormonal changes that reduce hunger. After a consultation and several tests, Dr. Choi determined Diana was an excellent candidate for the gastric sleeve.

Her gastric sleeve surgery was performed at The Woodlands Hospital on February 20, 2018. Since the procedure, Diana has lost 100 pounds and continues to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“This isn’t a quick fix,” says Diana. “It’s a treatment tool that will change your life. I still have to eat healthy and exercise, but I can get around much easier now—and I can keep up with my dog! I am really grateful for that.”