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A woman with COVID-19 wonders if she needs to go to the ER.

12 Symptoms of COVID-19 & When You Should Visit the ER

Nov 11, 2020

Because the situation surrounding COVID-19 is constantly evolving, some information may not be up to date. Stay informed by visiting the CDC website.

As researchers gather more information about COVID-19, the CDC has been able to pinpoint certain symptoms indicative of the virus. If you experience any of the following symptoms, schedule a virtual visit with a Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Group primary care physician for a quick evaluation and what you should do next.

Common Symptoms of COVID-19

Here’s a helpful chart of symptoms associated with the novel coronavirus.

If you’re experiencing severe symptoms of COVID-19, such as difficulty breathing, call 911 and seek ER care immediately. Locate your nearest St. Luke’s Health emergency room, so you know where to go in the event of an emergency.

CDC | Symptoms of Coronavirus